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Africa is the ultimate hunting experience ! Whether you
are on your first
safari and on tracks of a Kudu bull in Zimbabwe, stalking an elusive Bongo in the Cameroon rain forest or sizing up an Elephant bull in thick scrub at 20 yards, its a unique experience that will live in your memories forever. Classic African Hunting offers fair chase, free range hunting in Cameroon and Zimbabwe.  The areas in which we hunt vary from the mixed woodland, rolling hills and vleis of Matetsi and the thick tropical rain forests and open savannahs of Cameroon. All the areas we hunt have been selected through many years of hunting experience, knowledge of the areas, wildlife populations and trophy quality.

From this hands on expertise we are able to tailor make safaris to the hunters specific requirements and needs . Hunting in 2 countries with varied habitats enables us to offer the hunting of nearly 60 species. 

In Zimbabwe we hunt the famous north western Matetsi Safari Area Unit 2 and the Kazuma Forest area which are both world renowned for their trophy quality of Elephant, Lion and Sable.  These areas were the favorite hunting grounds of Fredrick Courteney Selous in the late 1800's and have been mentioned numerous times in his  book A Hunter’s Wanderings in Africa.

Cameroon is a newly discovered wild frontier for the serious sports hunter. In the savannah we hunt the Mayo Vaimba, Mayo Nduell, and Rey Bouba areas.  Forest hunting takes place in the Boumba and Logna areas.  Many top class trophies are taken from here every year.

Classic African Hunting has a combined excess of 60 years on the ground hunting experience.  We understand the vital ingredients for a memorable and successful hunt and will recommend the best areas for you to collect your desired trophy, the ideal time of year to hunt, and even the rifle you need to make the shot.  Africa is our home and it makes a huge difference dealing with someones who has inside knowledge and hands on experience.

To hear what Craig Boddington has to say about Classic African Hunting, click the following link.


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